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Today is the start of 2016 International Fraud Awareness Week!

Throughout this week, Veritau will be sharing examples of fraud risks - plus ways to spot and report suspected fraud.

At a time of financial challenge, fraud is estimated to cost local government £2.2 billion per year.   In the last few years Veritau has helped to save its council clients over £600,000, in areas such as Council Tax, Business Rates, Housing and Social Care.

Council staff are the frontline in preventing and detecting fraud, and we rely on and value their continued vigilance in helping to identify possible fraud.

During this week, we’ll highlight areas that are currently at risk from fraud, and how everyone can help tackle fraud.

If you would like any more information on International Fraud Awareness Week please visit http://www.fraudweek.com and look out for #FraudWeek on social media.

If you suspect fraud please complete the online form http://veritau.co.uk/contact-veritau/reporting-suspected-fraud or phone 01904 552935 for a confidential discussion with one of our trained investigators.


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