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At Veritau many of our fraud referrals come from departments within our client organisations, as well as members of the public. We want you to know that you are free to report anything you have suspicions about, which may come to your attention via several methods: phone call, house visit, member of the public, whistle blowing, spotting it on your systems, observing it yourself, etc.

Members of public often report fraud to us through our fraud hotline (01904 552935). However, from time to time members of the public will ring or approach staff directly in our client organisations to report a fraud. If they do, please forward the details to us on our hotline number. But sometimes a fraud referral call may not be obvious; the caller may begin talking generally about a certain situation before you realise they are trying to report a fraud.  If this happens, please try to obtain as much information as possible - this may be our only chance to speak to them. Please ask:

  • What the person thinks is fraudulent about the situation
  • Names and addresses of all people involved in the allegation
  • What they do for a living
  • How long the fraud has been going on
  • Details of any vehicles used by the person(s)

It might be useful to read back everything you’ve written to the caller/person. Besides confirming the details, doing this may remind them of more information, or prompt you to ask more questions.

Do not press for their contact details as they may wish to remain anonymous.

This is the end of International Fraud Awareness Week - thank you for reading our articles. If you would like more information, visit www.fraudweek.com and look out for #FraudWeek on social media.

To report suspected fraud to Veritau please complete the online http://veritau.co.uk/our-services/whistleblowing or phone 01904 552935 for a confidential discussion with one of our trained investigators.


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