News | 20 June 2022

This World Whistleblowers’ Day 2022, we’re all ears

World Whistleblowers’ Day (23 June 2022) aims to raise global public awareness in combating corruption. It's important that employers aim to achieve a strong and positive speak-up culture.

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World Whistleblowers' Day 2022 - image of hare with large ears and text reads: This World Whistleblowers' Day... We're all ears. Veritau logo. Whistle icon with date: 23 June 2022

News | 31 May 2022

Internal Audit Strategy: Focus area five – KPIs and added value

For Internal Audit Awareness Month we look at the final area of our three-year strategy: Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and added value.

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Internal audit KPIs & added value - image of Ian Morton, Assistant Director for Audit Assurance. Quote reads: "To be effective as an internal audit service, we need to be able to measure those activities that stakeholders really value. "

News | 27 May 2022

Internal Audit Strategy: Focus area four – data analytics

Data underpins our clients’ processes, operations and decision making. The next area of our strategy focuses on developing data analytics.

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Data analytics in audit: image reads - Our five focus areas: Developing data analytics. Ed Martin headshot plus quote "Data analytics can help us to provide more efficient assurance to our clients, based on all the data in a system rather than just a sample."

News | 26 May 2022

Data protection and multi academy trusts conversion

Earlier this year, the government published its white paper setting out the vision for converting all maintained schools into academies and multi academy trusts.

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Data protection and multi academy trusts conversion - white paper - image of school children

News | 25 May 2022

Internal Audit Strategy: Focus area three – redesign and modernisation

Carrying out and completing audit work has become increasingly challenging in recent years. Focus area three is all about redesign and modernisation.

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Internal Audit Strategy - redesign and modernisation, focus area three. Phil Jeffrey, Assistant Director for Audit Assurance: "We want to move to a more agile way of working, giving better, quicker and ongoing assurance to our clients."

News | 23 May 2022

Internal Audit Strategy: Focus area two – setting a strategic planning framework

After the introduction to our strategy and spotlight on focus area one, we now explore focus area two in detail.

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internal audit strategy planning framework - "Our five focus areas: Increasing client engagement. "We sum up our area in this focus area with 'right place, right time, every time' - Connor Munro, Audit Manager". Photo of Connor

News | 17 May 2022

Internal Audit Strategy: Focus area one – increasing client engagement

For Internal Audit Awareness Month, we're sharing our new three-year strategy. The spotlight now turns to its five focus areas...

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Internal Audit Strategy client engagement: image of Stuart Cutts, Assistant Director for Audit Assurance "Engagement is wider than just time. The nature of some engagement needs to be strengthened."

News | 9 May 2022

Internal Audit Awareness Month: Shedding light on our new strategy

Internal Audit Awareness Month’s main goal is to promote the work of internal audit - this year we're shedding light on our new strategy.

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Internal Audit Awareness Month - shedding light on our strategy (image of lightbulb)

News | 15 March 2022

A guide to data protection jargon

The world of data protection can involve a lot of technical terms, acronyms and jargon. It sometimes feels like a different language! Our data protection experts have put together a...

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Guide to data protection jargon Veritau - graphic image of file with padlock

News | 8 March 2022

Veritau’s graduate trainee stories: progression to Senior Information Governance Officer

Katherine joined Veritau in 2018 as a Trainee Information Governance Officer after graduating in History.

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Katherine Senior Information Governance Officer profile: The work is really rewarding and I’m lucky to work with a wonderful team of likeminded professionals in a supportive and friendly environment.

News | 4 March 2022

Day in the life of: Senior Information Governance Officer in our schools team

Rosie has been with Veritau for six months, having moved from working as a Data Protection Officer (DPO) for a higher education charity.

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Photo of Rosie, Senior Information Governance Officer for schools - day in the life of. Reads: We share and draw on our different areas of expertise, and there’s a real team spirit.

News | 10 January 2022

Veritau’s graduate trainee stories: Charlotte from internal audit

Veritau has run a successful graduate training scheme for many years. We're asking some of our current (and former) trainees...

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Veritau graduate trainee stories - Charlotte internal audit. Photo of Charlotte wearing graduation cap