Our modern slavery statement

We are committed to operating in an ethical and open manner at all times. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination, modern slavery or human rights abuse, and we expect our suppliers to adopt similar measures to prevent it happening. We keep these arrangements under review at all times.

Being transparent about our supply chains helps to tackle the serious problem of slavery and human trafficking which affects millions of people across the world.

Our suppliers are mostly UK based public authorities and companies, and our supply chains include IT equipment and services, payroll and HR services, travel and accommodation, and training providers. As such the risks of modern slavery or human rights abuse in our direct supply chains are considered to be low. However, we have adopted a zero-tolerance approach, so this statement sets out our expectations and future plans. We will keep our procurement arrangements under review and if we identify any areas of non-compliance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015, we will take immediate steps to rectify the situation, including possible termination of any contracts to supply. In addition, we have adopted policies which are designed to ensure the people who work for us are treated fairly and with respect. We also provide periodic training to ensure our people are aware of the possible warning signs of modern slavery and know how to respond. We also maintain a confidential whistleblowing hotline to enable people to report any concerns anonymously.

Our future plans include the adoption of a Supplier Code of Conduct which will clearly set our expectations for any organisation we do business with.