Our networks

We collaborate with a number of regional and national partners. Working together maximises opportunities to add value to our partner organisations, and to share development ideas and best practice.

Brierley Group

The Brierley Group is the trading arm of North Yorkshire Council. The group was established in 2017 to bring together council-owned companies, aiming to improve customer experience and increase overall shareholder value.

The group offers services within North Yorkshire and beyond, and includes:

North Yorkshire Education Service (NYES)

NYES supports educators nationwide to deliver an outstanding learning experience for all children and young people by providing a wide range of support services that enable schools to deliver a high-quality education provision.

NYES are the essential backbone schools need; delivering innovative, quality solutions which are value for money and harness the education sector’s creativity, passion and optimism.

NYES provides over 30 education services to schools covering a wide range of professional support services, facilities management services and education and learning services. Furthermore, each service contributes to a continually expanding range of over 300 training and CPD courses aimed at keeping school communities both compliant and empowered to execute their roles to the best of their ability.

Learn more about NYES here, and get in touch to see how they could help your school, their team are on hand to help you get the support you need.