Graduate trainee roles

Our graduate trainee programme lasts two years and includes completing a professional qualification in the relevant field. Trainees are supported throughout their training, with paid study leave and experienced colleagues who act as mentors.

We recruit trainees across three areas of the business:

Trainees should hold a good degree (or be in the final year of their degree course) or have equivalent specialist knowledge. We look for graduates who are outgoing, enthusiastic and self-motivated, willing to work with others in a team environment and have good interpersonal skills.

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Ellie trainee fraud investigator


Trainee Fraud Investigator

Ellie has been a trainee fraud investigator with Veritau for nearly two years. After graduating with a degree in psychology, she was looking for a career that would challenge her. Training as an investigator keeps things interesting as every day is different. She manages her own case load with a wide range of fraud types.

“A normal day as a trainee will always be very different from the day before, and the day after. Each trainee manages a caseload of around 15 cases, depending on experience, which rises to 25 upon qualifying as a fraud investigator.”

The trainee programme takes two years and includes completing the Professional Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist qualification.

There are four modules in which trainees learn everything from how fraud can affect organisations to how to take a case to court and be cross-examined by a barrister. Prosecutions aren’t the outcome of every case, but investigators need to be prepared.

Investigators gather information from many sources including relevant council systems, each used by their department staff in subtly different ways.

Trainees need to quickly generate a comprehensive working knowledge of a rather complex area of local government and legislation, understanding the challenges facing departments.

Each trainee is assigned to a senior fraud investigator from their first day at Veritau, who works closely with them throughout their time on the training programme.

Ellie’s favourite part of the job is the variety of tasks. Trainees can be involved with every stage of an investigation, from doing initial checks on a case to preparing it for prosecution.

Our trainee programme encourages investigators to learn to adapt to different circumstances and understand different areas of fraud in their entirety to deliver coherent, decisive and fair action.

Trainees are trusted with a lot of responsibility, but work closely with their senior officer and are supported by the whole fraud team.

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David Holmes - Veritau graduate trainee profile


Internal Auditor

David is an internal auditor and has been with Veritau for four and a half years, having started as a trainee. The wide variety of client work, and chance to improve service areas with minimal restrictions attracted him to the role.

Work is dynamic and delivery can be varied – not each audit has to go down the same path. Having studied history at Liverpool University, David feels the research, analytical and report-writing skills have really benefitted him as an auditor.

As a trainee, he completed his Certified Internal Auditor qualification and is currently studying for the Certificate in Enterprise Risk Management.

“Progression is fluid, you are aware of your current position and the end goal. Ongoing discussions with seniors and managers are vital and allow you to have your own path. Veritau will cater to your needs in a proactive approach.”

For David, trainee progression wasn’t just about the qualification. On-the-job learning is vital and you are given a wealth of support from the beginning. You don’t have to wait until a certain point during your traineeship to take on more complex work.

His favourite parts of the job are the peer support, from people at all levels in the teams. There’s a very open environment to ask questions, and always someone in the team who has done a similar piece of work before and is happy to help.

The audit teams at Veritau have expanded in recent years to take on new skills, notably IT, which has allowed for further diversification of work.

David is a member of the IDEA team who are trained in specialist data analytic software and enlisted to do any necessary work on audits or fraud investigations, which he says has helped to produce more useful outcomes our clients.

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Katie Llewhellin


Senior Auditor

Katie started with Veritau as a trainee five years ago, and has progressed to the role of senior auditor. After graduating from Lancaster University with a degree in history, she was looking for a graduate role with on-the-job training, which allowed her to use research, writing and analytical skills gained from her degree.

“The on-the-job training is invaluable and has developed me both personally in my confidence, and professionally with gaining knowledge of the public sector.”

As a trainee, Katie says she was given a lot of independence and responsibility from the beginning, but support was always available where needed from senior members of the team.

She completed her Certified Internal Auditor qualification from the Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors, which involved three exams over the two year period.

Katie enjoys the variety of working with a range of clients from different areas of expertise and the ability to work on a range of different audits on different subject matters, developing areas of interest and specialism.

Some audits are very challenging but they also bring reward in being able to make a real difference by helping to make improvements.

The company has expanded during the time that Katie has been here in terms of team size, services that we provide and also our client base. Working for Veritau has given Katie the opportunity to meet people from different areas of expertise through the wide range of clients that we provide services for.

Katie has had the chance to visit several out-of-area clients such as national park authorities, involving an intense but engaging week of work.

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