Whistleblowing investigation into conflict of interest and alleged timesheet fraud

A whistleblowing allegation was made at a local council and referred to our counter fraud team. It was alleged that a member of staff was working on a self-employed basis during office hours and fabricating their timesheets.

This work was also alleged to be a direct conflict of interest, encouraging the council’s clients to terminate contracts in favour of creating more business for themselves.

Veritau’s investigators found that this employee had set up their own business and was working during their contracted work hours. Evidence was also gathered that showed they had been using council resources to facilitate their private business.

We supported our client through a disciplinary process and a formal interview. The case resulted in the employee’s resignation.

The importance of a dedicated whistleblowing service

Providing reassurance to staff that they can raise concerns through a dedicated whistleblowing hotline is a cornerstone of good governance.

Having the option to speak to an independent and impartial person can encourage members of staff to share concerns or report wrongdoing.

Our officers are trained to handle these situations and can advise staff on their organisation’s policy as well as national legislation.

We investigate cases sensitively and impartially, working with leadership teams, HR and others to ensure issues are dealt with properly.

Our internal fraud specialists
Kelly Holmes - Senior Corporate Fraud Investigator

Kelly Holmes

Senior Corporate Fraud Investigator

Kelly holds both Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist status and a qualification in investigative practice from CIPFA. She has many years of experience as a fraud investigator and leads on complex internal and whistleblowing investigations. Kelly also has experience working in a busy HR team and is ACAS trained on conducting internal investigations.

Jonathan Dodsworth - Assistant Director - Corporate Fraud

Jonathan Dodsworth

Assistant Director - Corporate Fraud

Jonathan is an Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist with a wealth of experience delivering counter fraud services to public sector organisations across the region. He was instrumental in establishing the North Yorkshire housing fraud partnership and is an active member of various public sector counter fraud networks.