News | 23 October 2020

5 fundamentals for an effective incident response programme

Coronavirus has brought into sharp focus the importance of organisational resilience and preparedness for all organisations. Uncertainty...

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Effective incident response programme wide infographic Veritau

News | 23 July 2020

Internal audit in academies: change in guidance

From September 2020, your school’s external auditor will no longer be able to undertake internal audit activities as well.

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Internal audit in academies - financial handbook changes - Veritau

News | 20 May 2020

What is internal audit?

It’s Internal Audit Awareness Month! Yes, they really do get a whole month. We’re aiming to raise awareness of internal audit through a series of posts exploring what audit is,…

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Graphic of person's hands holding paper which reads 'audit report' - What is internal audit Veritau

News | 5 May 2020

Veritau’s Covid-19 response team

At Veritau we set up a Covid-19 response team soon after the start of the pandemic and they’ve been busy ever since. Their aim is to provide consistent and timely…

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Virus image - Veritau's Covid-19 response team

News | 26 March 2020

Working from home: our 7 top tips

Some people love working from home and others hate it, but it’s something we all have to get used to for a while.Here are our top tips for working remotely, staying...

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Desk with PC showing Veritau website - top tips for working from home

News | 12 February 2020

LGA says cyber security training is vital

The Local Government Association (LGA) has stressed the importance of cyber security training in local councils. Everyone is living in an increasingly digital world.

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Image of code - LGA says cyber security training is vital

News | 21 January 2020

The third line of defence in internal audit

Internal audit is seen as one of the main components of this. It provides independent assurance to the governing body and senior management on the effectiveness...

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Third line of defence internal audit - Veritau

News | 20 January 2020

The second line of defence in internal audit

The second line of defence is defined as functions overseeing, or specialising in, compliance and risk management. Essentially, this is a monitoring and oversight...

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Second line of defence internal audit - Veritau

News | 19 January 2020

The first line of defence in internal audit

The Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors defines the first line of defence as "functions that own and manage risk". Ensuring that the first line of defence is functioning...

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First line of defence internal audit - Veritau

News | 18 January 2020

What are the three lines of defence?

As internal auditors, we can be guilty of using our own specialist terminology. To those outside the field can be seen as technical jargon. Over a series of short articles...

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Three lines of defence infographic - Veritau

News | 4 November 2019

Charity governance and trustees

On #TrusteesWeek, one of our senior auditors discusses the importance of charity governance and trustees. In running any council, school or business, good governance is extremely important to help the organisation…

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Image of boardroom - Charity governance and trustees