News | 21 February 2024

Day in the life of: Information Governance Officer

Joanne Atterton has been with Veritau since September 2019 and works as an Information Governance Officer. We asked Jo to describe a typical day in her role.

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An Information Officer at Veritau with a quote

News | 16 November 2023

We’ve launched our new e-learning platform, Veritau Learn

We’re pleased to share that at the beginning of September we successfully launched our brand-new e-learning platform, Veritau Learn, home to our growing suite of training modules.

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A man sat at a desk with a computer. The Veritau Learn logo with the text 'Our dedicated e-learning platform'.

News | 6 November 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) for School Leaders

Read the latest blog post written by Rosie Kelly, Information Governance Manager at Veritau, which focuses on artificial intelligence and its impact on schools.

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Artificial Intelligence for School Leaders, a blog post by Rosie Kelly, Information Governance Manager at Veritau.

News | 17 July 2023

A year in the life of our schools DPO team

View our Schools DPO Service Update, which includes a short round-up of the big projects and successes from the last year, as well as an insight into what’s still to come.

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News | 2 February 2023

Data protection myth-busting guide for schools

Our education experts have put together guide to debunk 7 common data protection myths for schools.

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Data protection myths in schools - Veritau - Our education experts cover common queries and myths

News | 26 May 2022

Data protection and multi academy trusts conversion

Earlier this year, the government published its white paper setting out the vision for converting all maintained schools into academies and multi academy trusts.

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Data protection and multi academy trusts conversion - white paper - image of school children

News | 15 March 2022

A guide to data protection jargon

The world of data protection can involve a lot of technical terms, acronyms and jargon. It sometimes feels like a different language! Our data protection experts have put together a...

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Guide to data protection jargon Veritau - graphic image of file with padlock

News | 4 March 2022

Day in the life of: Senior Information Governance Officer in our schools team

Rosie has been with Veritau for six months, having moved from working as a Data Protection Officer (DPO) for a higher education charity.

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Photo of Rosie, Senior Information Governance Officer for schools - day in the life of. Reads: We share and draw on our different areas of expertise, and there’s a real team spirit.

News | 27 October 2021

Common risk management pitfalls in academies – and 3 steps to combat them

When you think about the huge range of processes involved in successfully running a school, it’s no surprise that it could be a challenging risk environment.

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Dominos with one falling over. Risk management academies

News | 20 September 2021

The children’s internet code – what does it mean for schools?

On 1 September 2021, the Information Commissioner's Office brought the children’s internet code into force. What does this mean for schools?

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Children's internet code schools - Veritau - Child in red hoodie looking at internet content on laptop

News | 23 July 2020

Internal audit in academies: change in guidance

From September 2020, your school’s external auditor will no longer be able to undertake internal audit activities as well.

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Internal audit in academies - financial handbook changes - Veritau

News | 17 February 2020

Fraud in schools: does it happen?

When you think of fraud, a school environment doesn't usually come to mind. But no-one is immune from the risks. Unfortunately fraud in schools can and does occur...

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Image of school library - Fraud in schools - does it happen