News | 13 November 2023

Tackling public sector fraud this #FraudWeek

It's International Fraud Awareness Week and at Veritau, we're raising awareness of fraud against the public sector.

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Image with a navy background with the following text overlaid: #FraudWeek. It's International Fraud Awareness Week. If you suspect fraud against your council, report it on 08009179247. Veritau logo.

News | 15 November 2022

Working together to stop fraud this #FraudWeek

Fraud is a significant risk to the public sector. It’s estimated the taxpayer loses up to £52 billion every year to fraud and error in public spending.

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News | 15 November 2021

It’s International Fraud Awareness Week

This week is International Fraud Awareness Week. According to the latest Annual Fraud Indicator, it’s estimated that fraud costs local authorities...

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International Fraud Awareness Week - Fraud costs councils £7.8 billion per year. If you suspect fraud against the council, report it to the counter fraud team on 0800 9179 247. #fraudweek. Veritau logo on dark blue background

News | 19 November 2020

Social care fraud

Social care fraud isn’t the type of crime that springs to mind when the word ‘fraud’ is mentioned, but it’s one of the fastest growing risks to the public purse.…

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Image of elderly persons hand being held by carer - social care fraud - Veritau

News | 17 November 2020

Business rates fraud

What is business rates fraud? Business rates fraud is when businesses attempt to gain relief or exemptions from business rates that they’re not entitled to. It’s also known as non-domestic…

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News | 14 November 2019

The officers getting through 1,000+ fraud referrals a year

Fraud support officers are vital to the work the counter fraud team does. Deborah has been a support officer for 10 years, and started just after Veritau was formed back…

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Photo of Deborah Blue - The officers getting through fraud referrals

News | 13 November 2019

10 years as a senior fraud investigator – what’s changed?

​Jane has been a senior fraud investigator for almost 10 years. She started with a small team that has grown significantly, and the work has diversified into many new fraud…

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Jane Overhill - senior fraud investigator Veritau