News | 30 January 2024

Courts fine drivers misusing Blue Badges in York

Together with the City of York Council, Veritau’s council fraud investigation service has recently helped to uncover and prosecute two cases of Blue Badge fraud.

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An image of a disabled parking bay for Veritau's news article on Blue Badge misuse.

News | 3 November 2023

Council tax fraudster hit with court fine and costs

A Middlesbrough Council Tax fraudster has been hit hard in the pocket after stealing from the public purse for over six years.

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Man's Hand Examining Fraud Word On Financial Report Through Magnifying Glass

News | 29 July 2022

Success in court for our first Covid-19 grant fraud case

A man has been prosecuted for Covid-19 grant fraud after an investigation conducted by Veritau on behalf of Ryedale District Council.

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Covid-19 grant fraud - Success in court for our first Covid-19 grant fraud case - image of piggy bank wearing covid mask, with coins

News | 24 September 2021

Council tenant living abroad ordered by court to vacate property

Fraud officers worked in collaboration with the housing officers to investigate this case, after a routine visit to the property led to concerns that...

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Council tenant living abroad - press release - York County Court

News | 21 October 2020

York man prosecuted for misusing family member’s blue badge

The York man was caught misusing a family member’s blue badge in the city centre earlier this year. An investigation into the misuse was conducted following...

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Image of hand placing parking ticket on car windscreen - Blue badge fraud prosecution York - Veritau

News | 7 February 2020

Prosecution for blue badge fraud

A recent Blue Badge fraud case investigated by Veritau has resulted in a successful prosecution. In August 2019, a visitor from Middlesbrough was found to be misusing his...

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Blue badge sign in parking space - Blue badge fraud prosecution

News | 17 December 2019

First prosecution of council house subletting for Selby council

An investigation carried out on behalf of Selby District Council has led to the council’s first prosecution for illegal subletting of a council house, under social housing...

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Image of UK house - Prosecution for subletting of council house, Veritau and Selby District Council

News | 4 December 2019

Landmark social care fraud prosecution for York

The first social care fraud prosecution by Veritau and City of York Council has reached its conclusion in court. A man from York has been given a 20 month suspended...

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York Crown Court - First social care fraud prosecution

News | 28 August 2019

Prosecution for forged tenancy agreements in council tax fraud

An investigation into a council tax fraud involving forged tenancy agreements has reached its conclusion in court. The individual provided City of York Council with three private tenancy agreements in…

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Image of monopoly houses on coins - Forged tenancy agreements - council tax prosecution Veritau

News | 14 March 2019

Richmond resident prosecuted for council tax fraud

A fraudster who took more than £1500 in council tax support he wasn’t entitled to was successfully prosecuted this week. Following an investigation carried out by Veritau on behalf of…

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Prosecuted for council tax fraud - Richmond and Veritau

News | 19 December 2018

York man prosecuted for council tax reduction fraud

Veritau has helped City of York Council to achieve a successful prosecution for council tax reduction fraud. The defendant fraudulently claimed almost £6,000 in council tax reduction that he was…

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Image of bungalow - York man prosecuted for council tax reduction fraud Veritau

News | 30 October 2018

Malton woman prosecuted for council tax fraud

An investigation into council tax fraud has resulted in successful prosecution by Ryedale District Council. The woman had claimed Council Tax Reduction since 2013, based on her family’s low income.…

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wallet with coins and cards: Council tax fraud prosecuted