News | 2 February 2023

Data protection myth-busting guide for schools

Our education experts have put together guide to debunk 7 common data protection myths for schools.

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Data protection myths in schools - Veritau - Our education experts cover common queries and myths

News | 9 August 2022

British Taekwondo’s journey to compliance with UK GDPR

As part of our work with national governing bodies, our information governance experts were asked to help British Taekwondo achieve compliance with UK GDPR.

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British Taekwondo data protection case study

News | 26 May 2022

Data protection and multi academy trusts conversion

Earlier this year, the government published its white paper setting out the vision for converting all maintained schools into academies and multi academy trusts.

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Data protection and multi academy trusts conversion - white paper - image of school children

News | 15 March 2022

A guide to data protection jargon

The world of data protection can involve a lot of technical terms, acronyms and jargon. It sometimes feels like a different language! Our data protection experts have put together a...

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Guide to data protection jargon Veritau - graphic image of file with padlock

News | 29 April 2020

Remote working: 9 tips for keeping data secure

Keeping data secure is always important, and can be difficult during remote working. One of the key principles of GDPR is the security principle, which builds on the requirement in…

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Photo of hands typing on laptop - Keeping data secure while remote working during Covid

News | 17 April 2020

ICO to ‘adjust regulatory approach’ during pandemic

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) issued a statement last week announcing changes to their approach in light of current events. Recognising...

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ICO logo - ICO to adjust approach during pandemic

News | 29 March 2020

Sent an email to the wrong person? What to do

Accidentally sending an email to the wrong person happens more often than you'd think. An estimated 269 billion emails are sent globally every single day. It's therefore not...

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Woman with laptop, looking worried with one hand in the air and one hand on her head - Sent an email to the wrong person - what do to

News | 14 February 2020

What exactly are computer cookies?

Computer cookies are small pieces of information made up of letters and numbers, like a code. Online services provide them when you visit their website. Software on...

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Image of cookies - what are computer cookies?