New data protection and safeguarding training for schools

19 February 2024

At Veritau, we are now offering on-demand data protection and safeguarding training for schools and multi-academy trusts across the country.

We understand that data protection is often perceived as a barrier to information sharing and other forms of data processing. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has launched a campaign to challenge this misconception, championing the benefits of sharing and correctly using data to protect children and young people from harm.

In our brand-new training video, learners will develop an understanding of the key data protection considerations in relation to safeguarding in schools. The session will demonstrate how data protection and safeguarding can work together to achieve the best outcomes for pupils and the school community.

The course is aimed at anyone who has responsibility for safeguarding within a school or multi-academy trust, such as the Safeguarding Lead and Headteachers. It is accessible through our partners, North Yorkshire Education Services (NYES).

Topics covered within the training include:

  • Safeguarding and data protection laws in the UK
  • The interaction between safeguarding and data protection
  • Key data protection processes impacted by safeguarding considerations, including information sharing, information requests and data breaches.

This course has been pre-recorded and is available for learners to complete conveniently online, at a time and date that suits you.

To purchase the data protection and safeguarding training video, please visit the NYES on-demand training platform and scroll down to find the course.

We can also deliver this training as a live online workshop at an additional cost. If you would like to speak to us about receiving the training as a live session, please contact [email protected].

On-demand training with NYES

In addition to our data protection and safeguarding training, we have also recently launched a course which focuses on data protection governance for multi-academy trusts (MATs).

Find out more about this course here.

Need some additional support?

Veritau provides DPO services to over 600 schools and academies across the UK, from local primary schools to large MATs. We also act as the DPO for several local authorities, council-owned companies, and national sports governing bodies.

We can act as your DPO, work with your existing DPO, or provide ad-hoc advice and support.

For more information, please contact our team of experts.