International Fraud Awareness Week takes place 18-22 November 2019, run by ACFE, the world's largest anti-fraud organisation.

With public funding being stretched, it is as important as ever to identify and combat fraud to prevent losses. Fraud against the public purse deprives those most in need and reduces resources for frontline services. Veritau’s counter fraud team undertakes criminal investigations to stop fraud and the most serious result in a criminal prosecution. What do you know about fraud? Take the quiz!

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CIPFA reports that in 2017/18, the total amount of fraud against local authorities detected and prevented reached £302m - but what kinds of fraud present the greatest risk, and how you can spot them?

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Ellie has been a trainee fraud investigator with Veritau for almost six months. After graduating with a degree in psychology, she was looking for a career that would challenge her. Training as an investigator keeps things interesting as every day is different, and she manages her own case load with a wide range of fraud types.

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Direct payments, financial abuse and more... what kind of fraud can occur in adult social care?

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Social care



Ben, the fraud team’s data analytics specialist, has been with Veritau for five years. A large part of his job is working with specialist software IDEA, computer aided auditing tool that allows a trained user to analyse large and complex sets of data. After teaching himself much of the software, he attended formal training and became a Certified IDEA Data Analyst.

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Single Person Discount can only be claimed when one adult is living at the property. So how does fraud occur?

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Council tax fraud factsheet



Jane has been a senior investigator for almost 10 years. She started with a small team that has grown significantly, and the work has diversified into many new fraud areas. The counter fraud team investigates 10 different types of fraud and no two days are the same. Jane started working at City of York Council in 2000 as a benefit assessor and moved to their fraud team in 2002.

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We've seen some cases depriving the council of this finite fund to help those most in need.

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Financial assistance fraud fact sheet



Fraud support officers are vital to the work the counter fraud team does. Deborah has been a support officer for 10 years, and started just after Veritau was formed back in 2009. Her role involves seeing a large number of cases at the initial referral stage, responding to and quality-controlling the referrals before they are passed to the rest of the team.

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