It’s International Fraud Awareness Week

15 November 2021

This week is International Fraud Awareness Week. According to the latest Annual Fraud Indicator, it’s estimated that fraud costs local authorities £7.8 billion per year.

That’s enough money to build 940 new secondary schools. Fraud against the council affects everyone who lives in our community.

Veritau’s counter fraud team investigates fraud on behalf of nine local authorities as well as other public sector bodies. It’s everyone’s responsibility to make sure that fraud is addressed.

What is International Fraud Awareness Week?

Organised by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, #fraudweek brings together hundreds of organisations to raise awareness of fraud in workplaces and communities.

Raising awareness helps prevent fraud and reduces its impact on your organisation. Our counter fraud team routinely provides fraud awareness training sessions for leadership teams and staff at our client organisations.

What kind of fraud do we investigate?

We investigate any fraud that affects our clients. In local government this could include:

  • Internal fraud and whistleblowing
  • Council tax fraud
  • Housing tenancy fraud
  • Social care fraud
  • Business rates fraud
  • Parking and blue badge fraud
How to report fraud

Fraud against the council deprives our communities and can affect everyone in society. If you have any concerns or suspicions of fraud please report them to our fraud team on 0800 9179 247 or [email protected].