Our '10 Profiles' campaign continues, where we meet five more members of staff this week. To celebrate 10 years of Veritau, we're learning more about the people who make it what it is.


David is a Trainee Auditor and has been with Veritau for two and a half years. The wide variety of client work, and chance to improve service areas with minimal restrictions, attracted him to the role. He says the work is dynamic and delivery can be varied - not each audit has to go down the same path.

David studied History at Liverpool University, focusing on 20th Century history. He feels the research, analytical and report-writing skills have really benefitted him as an auditor. David is going through the training programme and has almost completed his Certified Internal Auditor qualification.

“Progression is fluid, you are aware of your current position and the end goal. Ongoing discussions with seniors and managers are vital and allow you to have your own path. Veritau will cater to your needs in a proactive approach.”

For David, progression isn’t just about the qualification. On-the-job learning is vital and you are given a wealth of support from the beginning. You don’t have to wait until a certain point during your traineeship to take on more complex work; things are fluid and “set up for the individual’s and the business needs – not just one of the other”.

In his spare time, David enjoys playing sport and is a semi-professional football referee. His favorite parts of the job are the peer support, from people at all levels in the teams.

He feels there is a very open environment to ask questions, and always someone in the team who has done a similar piece of work before and is happy to help. The audit teams at Veritau have expanded in recent years to take on new skills, notably IT, which has allowed for further diversification of work.

David is a member of the IDEA team who are trained in specialist data analytic software and enlisted to do any necessary work on audits or fraud investigations, which he says has helped to produce more useful outcomes our clients. He is due to further his training in this area and take the Intermediate IDEA Data Analytics course.

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