To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we're doing a focus on 10 staff members to learn more about the people who make Veritau what it is. Each day this week and next, you’ll see a profile about one of the team, from across our different service areas.

Hannah Lindup

Hannah is in a new role as Veritau’s first ever Marketing and Communications Officer. The company has expanded significantly in the last few years and decided to appoint a full-time member of staff to promote services to new and existing clients, and provide more focus on business development. Hannah was recruited from the fraud team having worked as an investigator for two and a half years.

She was attracted to this role having already undertaken some marketing work for the company on an ad-hoc basis, such as publishing Veritau’s Alerts, attending conferences, and developing the new website. Marketing has been an exciting challenge for Hannah so far, building on previous experience in publicity work and photography, which is a keen hobby of hers.

“I’ve enjoyed getting to grips with a whole new area of work, and learning more about the business.” Hannah studied Criminology at Nottingham Trent University and really enjoyed working as a fraud investigator but felt confident she would be ideally suited for the new opportunity to be in a more creative role.

“I'm the first person to work full-time on Veritau’s marketing and am excited by the chance to really shape this role and set up good strategies for the future.” Hannah runs Veritau’s social media, manages the website, runs publications, assists in preparing bids and entering award submissions, and works on a range of other projects. At the moment she is looking into the Corporate Social Responsibility statement and electing Veritau’s official charity through a company vote. She is also working on producing a company style guide.

Hannah is due to attend formal training in marketing and communications soon, to further her knowledge and meet other people in the industry. She is also a member of the IDEA group, trained in specialist data analytics software. Hannah has previously used these skills for investigations involving large datasets but now plans to apply her skills to marketing analytics.

In her spare time, she enjoys photography, singing, embroidery, travelling, and art.

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