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News | 23 October 2020

5 fundamentals for an effective incident response programme

Coronavirus has brought into sharp focus the importance of organisational resilience and preparedness for all organisations. Uncertainty...

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Effective incident response programme wide infographic Veritau

News | 21 October 2020

York man prosecuted for misusing family member’s blue badge

The York man was caught misusing a family member’s blue badge in the city centre earlier this year. An investigation into the misuse was conducted following...

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Image of hand placing parking ticket on car windscreen - Blue badge fraud prosecution York - Veritau

News | 23 July 2020

Internal audit in academies: change in guidance

From September 2020, your school’s external auditor will no longer be able to undertake internal audit activities as well.

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Internal audit in academies - financial handbook changes - Veritau

News | 2 June 2020

Fraud alert: Covid-19 business grants

Beware of the latest Covid business grants fraud, where scammers email councils requesting information about businesses. It’s been confirmed these were sent by fraudsters, pretending to be senior officers from…

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Image of 'closed' sign in shop window Covid 19 business grant fraud

News | 20 May 2020

What is internal audit?

It’s Internal Audit Awareness Month! Yes, they really do get a whole month. We’re aiming to raise awareness of internal audit through a series of posts exploring what audit is,…

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Graphic of person's hands holding paper which reads 'audit report' - What is internal audit Veritau

News | 5 May 2020

Veritau’s Covid-19 response team

At Veritau we set up a Covid-19 response team soon after the start of the pandemic and they’ve been busy ever since. Their aim is to provide consistent and timely…

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Virus image - Veritau's Covid-19 response team

News | 29 April 2020

Remote working: 9 tips for keeping data secure

Keeping data secure is always important, and can be difficult during remote working. One of the key principles of GDPR is the security principle, which builds on the requirement in…

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Photo of hands typing on laptop - Keeping data secure while remote working during Covid

News | 20 April 2020

7 types of fraud on the rise due to coronavirus

Fraud might be the last thing on your mind during this crisis, but sadly criminals will take advantage of any situation. Here are seven types of fraud on the rise…

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Man sat in dark room looking at computer - 7 types of fraud on the rise during coronavirus

News | 17 April 2020

ICO to ‘adjust regulatory approach’ during pandemic

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) issued a statement last week announcing changes to their approach in light of current events. Recognising...

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ICO logo - ICO to adjust approach during pandemic

News | 1 April 2020

Scarborough Council joins Veritau group

Scarborough Borough Council is set to join the Veritau group. Veritau provides internal audit, counter fraud, information governance and risk management services to...

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Scarborough beach - Scarborough council joins Veritau group

News | 29 March 2020

Sent an email to the wrong person? What to do

Accidentally sending an email to the wrong person happens more often than you'd think. An estimated 269 billion emails are sent globally every single day. It's therefore not...

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Woman with laptop, looking worried with one hand in the air and one hand on her head - Sent an email to the wrong person - what do to

News | 27 March 2020

Coronavirus scams: fraud alert

Fraud might be the last thing on your mind during this crisis, but sadly criminals will take advantage of any situation. This is no different with the coronavirus pandemic. Action…

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Graphic of laptop with warning sign - Coronavirus scams fraud alert