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News | 17 April 2020

ICO to ‘adjust regulatory approach’ during pandemic

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) issued a statement last week announcing changes to their approach in light of current events. Recognising...

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ICO logo - ICO to adjust approach during pandemic

News | 1 April 2020

Scarborough Council joins Veritau group

Scarborough Borough Council is set to join the Veritau group. Veritau provides internal audit, counter fraud, information governance and risk management services to...

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Scarborough beach - Scarborough council joins Veritau group

News | 29 March 2020

Sent an email to the wrong person? What to do

Accidentally sending an email to the wrong person happens more often than you'd think. An estimated 269 billion emails are sent globally every single day. It's therefore not...

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Woman with laptop, looking worried with one hand in the air and one hand on her head - Sent an email to the wrong person - what do to

News | 27 March 2020

Coronavirus scams: fraud alert

Fraud might be the last thing on your mind during this crisis, but sadly criminals will take advantage of any situation. This is no different with the coronavirus pandemic. Action…

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Graphic of laptop with warning sign - Coronavirus scams fraud alert

News | 26 March 2020

Working from home: our 7 top tips

Some people love working from home and others hate it, but it’s something we all have to get used to for a while.Here are our top tips for working remotely, staying...

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Desk with PC showing Veritau website - top tips for working from home

News | 25 March 2020

Fighting Fraud and Corruption Locally strategy

The Fighting Fraud and Corruption Locally board has produced a strategy for local authorities which we're proud to have helped out with. One of Veritau's case studies is...

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Fighting Fraud and Corruption Locally Strategy - front cover - Veritau

News | 17 February 2020

Fraud in schools: does it happen?

When you think of fraud, a school environment doesn't usually come to mind. But no-one is immune from the risks. Unfortunately fraud in schools can and does occur...

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Image of school library - Fraud in schools - does it happen

News | 14 February 2020

What exactly are computer cookies?

Computer cookies are small pieces of information made up of letters and numbers, like a code. Online services provide them when you visit their website. Software on...

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Image of cookies - what are computer cookies?

News | 12 February 2020

LGA says cyber security training is vital

The Local Government Association (LGA) has stressed the importance of cyber security training in local councils. Everyone is living in an increasingly digital world.

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Image of code - LGA says cyber security training is vital

News | 7 February 2020

Prosecution for blue badge fraud

A recent Blue Badge fraud case investigated by Veritau has resulted in a successful prosecution. In August 2019, a visitor from Middlesbrough was found to be misusing his...

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Blue badge sign in parking space - Blue badge fraud prosecution

News | 5 February 2020

Infrastructure payment scam

We’ve been alerted to a new infrastructure payment scam. Fraudsters are targeting Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) payments from developers. A CIL payment is...

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Image of meeting at table with hard hats - Infrastructure payment scam - Veritau

News | 21 January 2020

The third line of defence in internal audit

Internal audit is seen as one of the main components of this. It provides independent assurance to the governing body and senior management on the effectiveness...

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Third line of defence internal audit - Veritau