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News | 17 February 2020

Fraud in schools: does it happen?

When you think of fraud, a school environment doesn't usually come to mind. But no-one is immune from the risks. Unfortunately fraud in schools can and does occur...

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Image of school library - Fraud in schools - does it happen

News | 14 February 2020

What exactly are computer cookies?

Computer cookies are small pieces of information made up of letters and numbers, like a code. Online services provide them when you visit their website. Software on...

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Image of cookies - what are computer cookies?

News | 12 February 2020

LGA says cyber security training is vital

The Local Government Association (LGA) has stressed the importance of cyber security training in local councils. Everyone is living in an increasingly digital world.

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Image of code - LGA says cyber security training is vital

News | 7 February 2020

Prosecution for blue badge fraud

A recent Blue Badge fraud case investigated by Veritau has resulted in a successful prosecution. In August 2019, a visitor from Middlesbrough was found to be misusing his...

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Blue badge sign in parking space - Blue badge fraud prosecution

News | 5 February 2020

Infrastructure payment scam

We’ve been alerted to a new infrastructure payment scam. Fraudsters are targeting Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) payments from developers. A CIL payment is...

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Image of meeting at table with hard hats - Infrastructure payment scam - Veritau

News | 21 January 2020

The third line of defence in internal audit

Internal audit is seen as one of the main components of this. It provides independent assurance to the governing body and senior management on the effectiveness...

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Third line of defence internal audit - Veritau

News | 20 January 2020

The second line of defence in internal audit

The second line of defence is defined as functions overseeing, or specialising in, compliance and risk management. Essentially, this is a monitoring and oversight...

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Second line of defence internal audit - Veritau

News | 19 January 2020

The first line of defence in internal audit

The Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors defines the first line of defence as "functions that own and manage risk". Ensuring that the first line of defence is functioning...

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First line of defence internal audit - Veritau

News | 18 January 2020

What are the three lines of defence?

As internal auditors, we can be guilty of using our own specialist terminology. To those outside the field can be seen as technical jargon. Over a series of short articles...

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Three lines of defence infographic - Veritau

News | 18 December 2019

Veritau is expanding: Middlesbrough and Redcar councils join

Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council and Middlesbrough Council are set to join the Veritau group. Veritau was established in 2009, initially as a partnership between...

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Saltburn pier. Veritau is expanding - Middlesbrough and Redcar join

News | 17 December 2019

First prosecution of council house subletting for Selby council

An investigation carried out on behalf of Selby District Council has led to the council’s first prosecution for illegal subletting of a council house, under social housing...

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Image of UK house - Prosecution for subletting of council house, Veritau and Selby District Council

News | 4 December 2019

Landmark social care fraud prosecution for York

The first social care fraud prosecution by Veritau and City of York Council has reached its conclusion in court. A man from York has been given a 20 month suspended...

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York Crown Court - First social care fraud prosecution