Social housing fraud services

During times of change in the social housing environment and economic landscape, the need for good governance has never been greater.

As a local government shared service, we are experts in public sector delivery. We understand the pressures you’re under to deliver services while resources are diminishing.

Our team have hands-on experience working with housing associations, particularly in the area of counter fraud.

Fraud prevention

Preventing fraud is a key way in which we can work together to protect the public purse. When fraud is committed, not only can revenue be lost, but reputations may be damaged.

Social housing fraud deprives housing associations of rentable properties. Where fraud is proven, we can recover homes through the Prevention of Social Housing Fraud Act and ensure properties go to families who really need them.

Internal fraud can also affect housing associations. Training staff in fraud awareness is a key element of preventing fraud before it happens.

Fraud investigation

We can investigate a wide range of fraud, including:

  • Illegal subletting
  • Abandoning of properties
  • False applications for housing or Right to Buy (and Right to Buy verifications)
  • Property exchanges
  • False succession / assignment verifications

Investigators are also specialists in internal fraud, and we have a dedicated whistleblowing service to deal with issues confidentially and sensitively.

Our tenancy fraud experts

Daniel Clubb, Corporate Fraud Manager

Daniel Clubb

Assistant Director – Corporate Fraud

Daniel is experienced in leading on large and complex investigations, with specialist knowledge on social housing fraud. He holds Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist status and the CIPFA qualification in investigative practice. Daniel is part of Veritau’s data analytics group, with experience of running data matching projects and using data analytics tools to examine evidence.

Sarah Wallis - Senior Corporate Fraud Investigator

Sarah Wallis

Senior Corporate Fraud Investigator

Sarah is senior investigator with Professional Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist status. She has experience investigating a large range of fraud types across the public sector. Sarah’s particular expertise is in tenancy frauds affecting local authorities and housing associations, and blue badge misuse.

Other assurance services

Fraud investigators work alongside our other assurance professionals to ensure effective frameworks are in place to prevent fraud. We can provide: