Tackling public sector fraud this #FraudWeek

13 November 2023

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International Fraud Awareness Week: 12-18 November 2023

Fraud against the public sector affects everyone. The government estimated that between £33.2 and £58.8 billion of public spending was lost to fraud in 2020/21*.

Our counter fraud team investigates a wide range of fraud affecting councils, and also undertakes prevention and detection work. They investigate hundreds of cases, year on year.

Their work includes putting effective policies and procedures in place, plus using techniques such as data analytics to identify fraud.

This International Fraud Awareness Week (#FraudWeek) we’re raising awareness of fraud against the public sector and encouraging everyone to work together to help tackle the problem.

How does fraud affect the council?

Fraud can impact in any area of the council. It can occur where someone provides false information to gain funds or access services they’re not entitled to. Some examples of fraud against the council include:

  • Benefit fraud
  • Blue badge fraud
  • Business rates fraud
  • Council tax fraud or evasion
  • Grant fraud
  • Social care fraud
  • Tenancy fraud

We can also encounter internal fraud for example, misconduct by members of staff and external fraud, e.g. contract bid rigging.

How can I report fraud?

Contact our Counter Fraud team with any concerns at [email protected] or 0800 9179 247.

If your service would benefit from further support, please get in touch with our team of experts who can provide advice or arrange fraud awareness training.

* Tackling fraud and corruption against Government, National Audit Office

Help to combat tenancy fraud and download our latest poster

Tenancy Fraud Awareness Poster #FraudWeek

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