Veritau features in Institute of Risk Management

15 November 2019

Veritau’s risk management service has been featured in a recent case study published by the Institute of Risk Management.

The Institute of Risk Management is the leading professional body for risk management and is internationally recognised for providing quality risk management education.

Four of our auditors hold the International Certificate in Enterprise Risk Management qualification, with one of these officers continuing onto the diploma stage.

The case study highlights how investing in and developing our risk management services has benefited the capability of the organisation and improved the bespoke services we offer to our clients.

It draws attention to interactive risk management workshops we have undertaken with some clients and these sessions have received high praise from attendees.

Connor Munro, one of our senior risk professionals, has also featured on the Institute of Risk Management’s blog.

“What’s a typical day like as an auditor?”

There is no such thing as a typical day in the world of audit and risk! Ok, I say that tongue in cheek and there are a few things we tend to do more regularly than others. I’m pleased to say that most of these involve consideration of risk, if not directly then by extension.

Through my role as an internal auditor I am required to provide assurances as to the effectiveness of our clients’ governance, risk and control arrangements. This sees me evaluating processes to establish their resilience to risk and then reporting on the strength of the control environment to senior management and the board.

In my role as a risk professional I am more actively involved in the risk management framework of one of our clients. This sees me delivering training sessions to staff at all levels of the organisation and to the board, running risk workshops, facilitating risk register updates, performing policy and guidance reviews and supporting development of the risk management information system.

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