Veritau’s annual report 2020/21

1 November 2021

We’re pleased to publish Veritau’s annual report 2020/21. Despite the challenges brought by the pandemic, we had another successful year.

In his introduction to the report, Chief Executive Max Thomas summarised the year:

“We’ve continued to attract new clients, including an additional member council (Scarborough Borough Council) and a number of academy schools and trusts.

Ad-hoc work has also been requested by a number of other clients. Client satisfaction and retention rates remain high, and the group continues to grow in terms of its staff numbers and service offering.

At the beginning of the pandemic all staff were set up to work from home and have continued to deliver services remotely.

We created a multi-disciplinary Covid-19 response team to help coordinate the fraud prevention support provided to our clients, particularly around the payment of business grants.

Working together, our teams provided assurance that any new systems and processes had effective controls in place.

Inevitably the pandemic meant priorities had to change and we had to adapt our approach to best support the needs of our clients. In some areas regular work was paused but we also had to respond quickly and flexibly to new demands.

Throughout the year, our counter fraud team supported our clients to minimise the risk of fraud relating to grants and other financial support provided to businesses, while the information governance team provided advice, updated privacy notices and helped enable the sharing of data between partner organisations.

Towards the end of the year we created a new information access team to take advantage of potential business opportunities, launched a new website and client portal and completed a full rebrand.”

Our annual report also covers:
  • Key achievements
  • Financial performance
  • Fee income
  • About us
  • Our services
  • Governance
  • Client satisfaction & retention

Our annual report 2020/21

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