Veritau’s graduate trainee stories: Charlotte from internal audit

10 January 2022

Veritau has run a successful graduate training scheme for many years. We’re asking some of our trainees what attracted them to the scheme, how they have found it, and what they have learnt.

First we hear from Charlotte, a trainee in our internal audit team

“I have been a Trainee Internal Auditor with Veritau now for two and a half years after graduating from York St John University with a degree in Tourism Management and Marketing.

Initially I thought my degree subject would be too different from auditing to have a role in the area, but I’ve realised that the skills gained during university are more important than the subject itself. I have always enjoyed research and writing, and often use these skills in my day-to-day work.

Internal audit is a very diverse and interesting area to work in. Not only do the audit areas change, but so do the clients. An audit covering the same area at one client may be very different to an audit at another client due to a range of factors such as the organisation’s environment, size and structure.

At Veritau, we cover a wide range of clients such as local government, national park authorities, and schools and academies. I have completed audits at all of these clients which has made for a very varied workload.

Working at Veritau has hugely grown my confidence and I have gained knowledge in a variety of subject areas and clients. I got involved with some quite complex audits from the start, with my first audit being in the area of adult social care.

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This quickly developed my confidence in carrying out audits and the balance between being well-supported and completing work independently was the right one. My first audit also sparked my interest in adult social care and I have completed a number of audits in this area since.

A structured Trainee Development Programme was established when I started with Veritau and this gave me a good indication as to which aspects I needed more experience in as well as providing a space to document my achievements.

I hope to soon progress to Certified Internal Auditor once I have passed my third and final exam. Although the audit exams are challenging, Veritau fully supports trainees throughout the process. I’ve found it really useful studying the material while also practising many of the concepts on the job – it makes for a more valuable and immersive learning experience.”

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