Employees who raise a whistleblowing concern should feel safe in the knowledge that they are protected by:

In the first instance, we would always recommend consulting your organisation’s policy before raising a concern.

Policies for core Veritau clients are listed below. If you don’t see yours here, please visit our guidance for employees who are not our clients.

Your policy should explain what is included under whistleblowing, and how to raise a concern.

Concerns can be raised under the policy where they relate to consequences for other employees or the public. They do not apply to matters relating exclusively to your own employment, eg personal grievances.

Often the advice will be to speak to your line manager before calling Veritau’s confidential hotline. Where this isn’t possible, or it is not appropriate to the concern, you can contact Veritau.

Contact our team

Veritau provides an independent whistleblowing hotline for the organisations whose policies are listed on this page.

If you need advice from our team, contact us on 0800 9179 247 or email [email protected]