Working together to stop fraud this #FraudWeek

15 November 2022

Fraud is a significant risk to the public sector. It’s estimated the taxpayer loses up to £52 billion every year to fraud and error in public spending*.

Our counter fraud team investigates a wide range of fraud affecting councils, and also undertakes prevention and detection work.

Their work includes putting effective policies and procedures in place, plus using techniques such as data analytics to identify fraud.

This International Fraud Awareness Week (#FraudWeek) we want to encourage everyone to be mindful of fraud and work together to help stop it.

We have a team of 18 investigators who work for Veritau’s member councils plus other public sector clients.

Fraud within local authorities can occur where someone provides false information to gain funds or access services they’re not entitled to. We can also encounter internal fraud, e.g. misconduct by members of staff, and external fraud, e.g. contract bid rigging.

Contact Veritau’s investigators with any concerns at [email protected] or 0800 9179 247.

*Fraud and Error (Ninth Report of Session 2021/22), Public Accounts Committee, House of Commons